Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Should note that is the way i plan on doing all posts from now on as this is how i do things, and well if i can do it this way i will probable do a lot more points. just a little more boring to read that is all. :p

  • Problem: no idea what was done between last post and now so listing what was done today :p
  • Got a working version of the Node System up and ruining
  • Tower get place on concrete only, units don't chase a ghost tower under the world if u don't click on the concrete after clicking on tower button
  • all menus are working, navigation is possible
  • Solution: no more random problems with units starting at the sky after killing a unit or tower
  • Problem: can build more then one tower on the same square(remembered after submission)
  • Problem: Game was never play tested so have no clue if game is even player able
  • Problem: money system never implemented
  • Removed the DayNight system, replaced with timed spawn of zombies

Will do better with post next semester.(if i can do like above)

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